UniFi G3 Pro vs G4 Pro

G4 PRO, UniFi Switch Flex and G3 PROI have been using UniFi products for some time now, mainly G3 and G3 PRO. Today I got my hands on G4 PRO and I decided to do a direct comparison on a real life scenario by testing the camera where I have »

Bipolar Christmas LED lights memory hack

LED controller with missing memory chipAfter I moved to a house, I wanted to have LED lights around the roof for Christmas. I bought some cheap leds in the local store and mounted them around the house. Everything was great except one thing - after you power off the leds »

BMW 530d xDrive F11 sideview camera repair

A while ago my sideview camera for my BMW 530d F11 started to fail. Sometimes after some heavy rainfall the camera started to malfunction and throw errors. Eventually it failed completely and each time I started up the car I got the annoying error telling me that the rear view »

Xiaomi Aqara Hub (CN) on European server

WARNING: Beta MiHome application released on September 19, 2020 includes checks on the hardware origin - if you have a camera which is supposed to work on China server but your hub has been modified to run on European server then it will complain that you need to switch to »

Upgrading Macbook Pro 2013/2014 NVMe drive

This little ¬†project took me like two months to pull this off and when I finally got the desired result I just felt obliged to post my success story. First things first - I have MacbookPro Retina 13-inch Late 2013. I bought a Samsung 970 EVO 1TB from amazon and »